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03 June 2006 @ 01:28 am
This journal is being used by me for ranting and raving. All subjects and topics are very personal to me, thats why I've taken the initiative to make it friends only. If you find people coming to complain and rant about their life as well as find being "emo" intolerable, then fucking don't bother asking to be added as a friend- you'd just be wasting both of our "very precious" time that we have. *snicker* Anyone willing to dish out advice thats helpful and appropriate will be well apprecited and if you're willing to give some helpful tips and what not, please I would like to add you as a friend. *waves*


1. Don't ask to be added to my friends list, if all you do is majority post quizzes...
2. I don't really care to hear you complain about the subject of my post, you'll be ignored.
3. If you are easily offended by other opinions then I suggest not asking to be added to my friends list.
4. ALL FLAMING and BULLSHIT is strictly unwanted. So dont bother asking, I'll say it now "FUCK OFF."
5. I do want to hear all comments you have, so please dont be shy to comment, infact all comments are welcome! so COMMENT!

If you can follow the rules, then all you need to do is; COMMENT to be ADDED!
Current Mood: determinedguarded